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First of all, an important point that you need to consider is the capacity of that boat/yacht. You need to make sure that the capacity of the boat/yacht is enough to hold the number of people that will participate.

Another important point is the power you would like to have on the boat/yacht. We are providing various boats/yachts and each one of them is having different horsepower. Some also have more than one engine for even more power.

Finally, each boat/yacht has its own specification and extras. In case you are looking to have a specific extra, then you will need to consider the boat that includes the specific extras.

You can place your booking using various ways. First of all, you can check all out latchi boats and latchi yachts and click on the one that you would like to book. That will allow the opportunity to enter the date and time you are looking to hire the specific boat/yacht. Since that is completed, you will be redirected to pay for the specific amount that is shown during the checkout process depending on the boat/yacht you have chosen.

We are providing online payments through our website. As soon as you choose the most suitable boat or yacht, you can through the checkout process and place your order by paying using your credit/debit cart. All your card and personal information will not be shared externally. Also, we are not holding any card information. We are also storing necessary customer information (ex. name, surname, telephone number, etc) just in case there is any change on the booking or whether there is anything that we need to inform you about.

An important point that makes our services unique is because of the quality boats and yachts we are providing. All our boats include many extras that can be used and enjoyed during your journey.

Also, our captains are holding a professional licenses and have many years of experience so be sure they will make sure that you will have a great time!

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